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Research in International Investment Law

The research projects conducted by the IILCC cover all aspects of international investment protection and investor-state dispute settlement. It is the aim of the Centre to thoroughly analyze current developments and complexities of international investment law from an academic and practical perspective. Furthermore, the Centre wishes to contribute through its publications to a discourse among all stakeholders on future developments of the international investment regime. In doing so, professors of the Centre regularly cooperate with investment law practitioners from Germany and abroad.

Doctoral studies

All four directors of the IILCC supervise doctoral theses in international investment law. Inquiries regarding dissertations/doctoral theses can be sent directly to Jun.-Prof. Dr. Julian Scheu or to the relevant professor.

Publication Series "Studien zum internationalen Investitionsrecht"

Outstanding research studies on international investment law are regularly published in the publication series „Studien zum internationalen Investitionsrecht“, which is co-edited by directors and members of the Centre’s advisory board. 

Digest of International Investment Jurisprudence

The research conducted at the Centre particularly focuses on the development of online databases such as the Digest of International Investment Law Jurisprudence. The Digest is a systematic collection of legal statements from awards rendered in investment treaty arbitrations. The Digest is available at and is edited by the IILCC in cooperation with the University of Siegen.

German Investment Treaty Disputes

On, the IILCC publishes a database containing all pending and conducted investment treaty arbitrations involving German parties. The website offers its users a comprehensive overview of all investment treaty claims, including claims brought by German investors against foreign host States and claims brought by foreign investors against the Federal Republic of Germany. The database is edited by Dr. Lars Markert and Dr. Christoph Hölken.

International Investment Law - A Handbook

Edited by Marc Bungenberg, Jörn Griebel, Stephan Hobe and August Reinisch.
In cooperation with the Centre and with contributions of several of its members, the Handbook „International Investment Law“ was published in 2015.
The aim of the Handbook is to provide a systematic and comprehensive analysis of international investment law for academics and practitioners. The book does not only give an overview, but sheds light on all relevant aspects of international investment protection and dispute resolution. In addition, it takes into account current developments such as the role of the European Union or the proliferation of multilateral trade and investment treaties.
A review oft he Handbook published in the Journal of International Arbitration can be found here.

UN Investment Support Programme for LDCs for the Least Developed Countries

As a proud partner of the UN Investment Support Programme for LDCs for the Least Developed Countries, the IILCC contributes its scientific expertise to legal practice.

The Investment Support Programme for the Least Developed Countries was initiated by the United Nations (UN) and supports the world's poorest developing countries in investment law issues through its roster of experts. The programme is coordinated by the International Development Law Organization (IDLO), an international organization based in Rome, on behalf of the UN.

The IILCC has been an official partner of the programme since September 2018.  Inquiries from governments, state-owned enterprises and private investors from eligible countries can thus be forwarded by IDLO to the IILCC. The IILCC board of directors decides on the acceptance of a project on a case-by-case basis. Projects can relate to the training of government representatives, support in investment-related negotiations or investment arbitration proceedings.

Through its involvement in the Investment Support Programme, the IILCC actively contributes to ensuring that the less experienced and financially strong players also have access to investment law expertise. Further information about the programme can be found here.

Visiting Researchers

The Centre is pleased to welcome legal academics and scholars to conduct their own research in international investment law whilst based in Cologne. If you are interested in visiting the Centre, please send a summary of your research project together with a brief biographical note to Julian Scheu or a member of the board of directors. Due to work space limitations and a tense housing market in Cologne, we recommend early planning. Please contact the University of Cologne’s Welcome Centre for further information and support concerning the planning and implementation of your stay.