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The Centre promotes the exchange of ideas among legal scholars and practitioners in the area of international investment law by organizing different events on a regular basis.


Santander Roundtable Discussions on International Economic Law

The Centre regularly organizes roundtable discussion forums on current issues and developments in international economic law, kindly supported by Santander.

IILCC-Investment Law Lectures

The IILCC-Investment Law Lecture is a lecture series, where internationally distinguished speakers are invited to Cologne with the kind support of Santander to share their thoughts on a topic related to international investment law. Former speakers of the series include

Doctoral Seminar on International Investment Law

Kindly supported by Santander, the Doctoral Seminar on International Investment Law brings together doctoral candidates from different universities to engage in a discussion of their research projects in the field of international investment law. Participants have not only the chance to get valuable feedback from their colleagues, but also to widen their horizon by learning more about a variety of different research projects.

Krickenbecker circle of international investment law

The Krickenbeck Circle is an annual roundtable discussion forum on international investment law. The forum is jointly organized by the IILCC and Professor Jörn Griebel from the University of Siegen and brings together academics and practitioners to discuss the development of international investment law and arbitration.

Since its creation in 2009, a summary of the lively debates is published in the German Arbitration Journal (SchiedsVZ). The conference reports are available here:

Lectures series "Praxis im Hörsaal"

The lectures series „Praxis im Hörsaal“ is an initiative started by Julian Scheu with the aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice. To this end, legal practitioners are invited to give short presentations which are thematically integrated into the course curriculum. As a result, students learn about the practical aspects of a certain topic immediately after having studied it in class.

Former speakers of the lectures series include

  • Axel Voss, MdEP ("Die Praxis im Europäischen Parlament")
  • Patrycja Sypel, Vertretung der Europäischen Kommission in Deutschland ("Die EU-Kommission vor Ort")

Investment Law Calender

The Investment Law Calender is a service which informs about conferences, seminars and other events in the field of international investment law.

If you know about a conference which is not listed in the Calender, please feel free to make us a suggestion. Please note that the IILCC is not responsible for the content or accuracy of any external websites.

Go to the Investment Law Calender.