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Courses on International Investment Law

The courses on international investment law represent a special offer of the University of Cologne to students, doctoral candidates and legal practitioners interested in international investment law and investor-state dispute settlement. The curriculum consists of three courses and offers a comprehensive academic education with a strong focus on practical aspects.

Summersemester 2019

International investment law I – Course on Investment Protection Standards (in German)

The students learn about the legal and historical foundations on which the system of international investment protection is based. The course inter alia focuses on the involved actors, the definition of investment and the scope of different standards of protection such as expropriation, non-discrimination or fair and equitable treatment.

The course International investment law I (Dr. Markus Perkams) will be held from 10 am to 5 pm at the following dates: Fri, 05.04.19 (2.101); Sat, 06.04.19 (XIb); Fri, 12.04.19 (IILCC); Sat, 13.04.19 (XIb)

International investment law II – Course on Investor-State Dispute Settlement (in German)

The course gives an insight into the highly relevant system of investor-state dispute settlement. Focusing on current practice, students get to know the principles of international investment arbitration and learn by what procedural means foreign investors can enforce their rights. In addition to the legal foundations of international arbitration, the participants study the particularities of investment arbitration, including the ongoing reforms of the investor-state dispute settlement mechanism.

The course International investment law II (Dr. Philipp Stompfe) will be held from 10 am to 5 pm at the following dates: Fri, 03.05.19 (2.225); Sa, 04.05.19 (XIb); Fri, 10.05.19 (2.225); Sa, 11.05.19 (XIb)

Advanced Course on ICSID Arbitration (in English)

The course provides a detailed and practical insight on procedural aspects of investment arbitrations conducted under the ICSID rules. It is aimed at students with previous exposure to international arbitration, doctoral candidates and interested practitioners.

The Course will be held from 10 am to 5 pm at the following dates: Fri, 21.06.19 (SSC, room 2.225); Sa, 22.06.19 (Main Building, room XIb); Fri, 28.06.19 (SSC, room 2.225); Sa, 29.06.19 (Main Building, room XIb).

Limited places are available to students and young practitioners not enrolled at the University of Cologne. Participation is free of charge and requires registration until 14 June 2019 via email at

Study credits

Exams taken in international investment law are eligible for study credits for students enrolled in Schwerpunktbereich 6 (Internationales Privat- Wirtschafts- und Verfahrensrecht), Schwerpunktbereich 9 (Völker- und Europarecht) or the master programs „Wirtschaftsrecht (LL.M.)“ and „im Ausland graduierte Juristinnen und Juristen (LL.M.)“.